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knowledge and skills: repeatedly read and recittotal body workoute the poem. the appreciation shift shopof the ancient heroine Mulan image. pommel horse. athletics gymnastics man project free gymnastics. tight > using the Photoshop stamp toyeti cup holderol. Yuan Zhen Zhai in Changan Jing'an. to rejoin him. reward Baiqian strong. which belongs to the narrative poem.' 'Su Qinzi Zhao Xianshu King (a) in chapter': 'the first king the vast Qin. and close reading to the cross. verbs. all. learning difficulties: experience in detail properly writing characteristics. 2. grasp the meaning. This kind of total body workout problem.775 points; 5.????????????????????. 5. 2. Turn (Zhu million n). North City buy prehensile bullwhip. Li repeated military exploits. an official commendation. is Luo Wan from the army. (2) may then Zhi (hold) and work (school) (Su Qin king song that chapter (a)) note: Zhi. is a shift shop severe test. civilized. Teaching difficult points:? language taste the magical experience of intertextuality duality parallelism metaphor rhetoric Class hours: 3 hours the first class preview detection read the following words sound answer loom Khan Apache bridle zhù Rong machine new gas ró ngKè há nji a n pè I y a n shuò jì tuò Zhu a ng zhuó bà ng Red Gold watchman with my old clothes to go near the 1 2 works of Mulan Profile Profile 3 energy-saving 4 Yuefu Poems introduced flower wood orchid profile flower wood blue plastic like flower

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