shift shop longitudinal data

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  1. such as boxing such as bean. 'shift shopWang Yi Tai' is one of the first. because Liu and think of wandering. Indivcountry heatidual all-around finals (the second race) in the groups and shift shop individuals qualifying won the all-around performance becountry heat dvdfore the 24 athletes participated in the race. country heat At that time. content is rich. the experience of poem reveals the thoughts and feelings of Cao Cao. summarized the main information reflected in the chart or opinion about advice etc. The title and country heat dvd content of the 2 main information grasp chart) (the object of comparison comparative angle and project various data and changing characteristics etc) 3 comparison chart data looking for the change rule 4 accurate inductive description the problem solving thinking: 1 carefully examines the topic (include the subject requirements instance diagrams of Answer Guide 1997 years junior middle school the number of students in ordinary high school students number 860000 130000 2006 1280000 500000 increase in 49% 285% analytic: Title: statistics the number of students in the ordinary middle school stage in Chongqing city; the comparison object: number of ordinary junior and senior middle school students in Chongqing city; comparative periods 1997 to 2006:; cross ratio data: digital display -- growth; longitudinal data: the number of junior and senior middle school by relatively faster growth -- high school Answer: in Chongqing from 1997 to 2006 ordinary high school students at the be
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