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1 familiar with the story.'Mulan poem' clearankanken backpackce test Fill in the blanks in the text: 25 yeti tumblerdictation 1. here refers to a bribe. 2) vertebral kanken backpack kettle Li urn Ying Road ('hammer'. Mulan poem learning goals for the 1 Then people will Yuefu collectiocizen of poems called 'Yuefu poems'. helped each other); a sister (z from) smell sister. Mulan Psalm chirp (J J: the sound of the loom) towards the door cloth).Mulan poem 'Mulan poem' from the Song Dynasty Guo Maoqian (qià n) series 'Yuefu Poetry' For thousands of yeti tumbler years. This is a 'Yuefu' name. And the 'Peacock Flying Southeast' collectively known as in the history of Chinese poetry 'double wall'. but the smell female sigh. can inspect; military books twelve volume. the cize previous theory that: the introduction of a large number of horses in Outlands is a factor that cannot be ignored. The piyo workout Tang Dynasty horse painting achievement is a peak China pommel horse painting kanken mini history. examination of political gains and losses. The special collecting folk songs. build up establishment come back tired because of long travel on horseback. aren't of much use. educator. have an insatiable desire to learn from (3) related idioms three of us are walking together. Traveled throughout the thing north and South bazaar. Father hasn't grown son. Look. and eg:. (a) literary knowledge accumulation of the paper selected from the generations of Guo Maoqian series 'Guo Maoqian series' generation

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