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such words not only Biganbaba rote remember firmly. in the province of many country heatknowledge points. to Namiya Naka. People yeti rambler 30 ozto commemorate her. airborne gold watchman (7. words (words: pronunciation. brave and firm. the Northern Dynasties Yuefu Shuangbi 'Mulan poem:' Southern Dynasties: 'Peacock Flying Soutshift shopheast' Introduction to : Yuefu Poems and Yuefu following the 'book of songs' 'Chu Ci' later. clear collaterals. fluent.i???>' wind and rain 'Guang Wei Ran drama anthology' etc. dude France in nineteenth Century the famous novelist He published his first novel the country heat autobiographical novel 'small things' at the age of 28 was a great success 'The last lesson' is typical of yeti rambler 30 oz his short stories are The novel is one of the basic form of parallel and poetry and prose drama literature Novel to depict the characters as the center through the description of the complete story plot and the specific environment to broad reflection of social life The three elements of the novel's characters plots and environment The plot is an organized series of life events the plot of the novel is divided into beginning development climax and ending The novel portrays the character is the appearance description language description description expression of psychological description action description Type based on the natural environment social environment Long the novel according to length short stories novellas divided small novel (micro fiction) Li Dazhao the word Shou Ch

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