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Should I be able to build agl-image-ivi for qemux86-64?

asked 2017-08-31 09:15:53 -0800

rpjday gravatar image

Following info in meta-agl/, it seems like I should be able to build the basic agl-image-ivi image for qemux86-64, so I checked out the default.xml manifest, and ran:

$ source meta-agl/scripts/ -m qemux86-64

then just tried to fetch what was necessary, only to get:

$ bitbake -c fetchall agl-image-ivi
... snip ...
ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'nativesdk-af-main' ...

It appears that there is no entry for the necessary meta-agl/meta-app-framework layer in bblayers.conf, so I manually added it, which got me past that issue, only to get:

ERROR: No recipes available for:

For this, manually add the missing layer meta-intel-iot-security/meta-security-framework and try again, to get:

ERROR: ParseError at /home/rpjday/oe/dist/layers/AGL/repo/meta-intel-iot-security/meta-security-framework/recipes-test/app-runas/ Could not inherit file classes/deploy-files.bbclass

which takes us to the layer meta-intel-iot-security/meta-security-smack ... well, you get the idea. Should this build not work out of the box? That README file certainly suggests it's something that should. Is it my job to keep adding layers to bblayers.conf until it works? That seems weird.


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answered 2017-09-04 00:08:44 -0800

jobol gravatar image

Hello rday,

I think that all your problem will be solved by entering AT FIRST the command

source meta-agl/scripts/ -m qemux86-64 agl-all-features

You can check aglsetup usage using the command

source meta-agl/scripts/ -h
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